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Play Therapy

for primary school age children

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Why use play therapy?

You may have a child or a young adult that is struggling with emotional literacy, behaviour or mental health issues. Mental health, like physical health, is as much about prevention as cure. Different aspects of play can deal with a spectrum of childrens’ emotional behaviour and mental health issues. Since not all children can talk openly, play therapy is a proven method of supporting children that are struggling to cope emotionally.

Play therapy is based on the fact that play is the child’s natural medium of self-expression (VM Axline, Play Therapy 1947). It allows children to change the way they think about life, to look forward and resolve their concerns and fears in a safe space with an experienced professional.

It is a complete therapeutic system, using play and creative techniques, accepting the child as they are, rather than focussing on their problems.

  1. Become more responsible for their behaviour.
  2. Develop coping strategies when confronted by emotional triggers.
  3. Establish new and creative solutions to problems.
  4. Promote respect and acceptance of self, and in turn, others.
  5. Learn to experience and then express emotions appropriately.
  6. Understand how to be considerate of others and their feelings.
  7. Learn new or to enhance their social skills.
  8. Practice developing interaction skills.
  9. Develop their confidence and selfesteem.
  10. Be able to trust themselves, their decision making and other people.

‘What’s Play Therapy? I dunno, I play with the toys and the sand and the art stuff and all the stickers Dawn has and I feel happy! And I go every week, yayyyyyyyyyy!

JB, boy aged 5

When I work with Dawn, I can choose what to do with my anger in the  right way, and it’s fun. she never makes you talk.

AT, boy aged 10

“He’s grown so much.” “Being able to call on you as and when he needs you works really well.”

Parent of Child who is a High Functioning Autistic, long term psychotherapy started in year 3, now in secondary school, October 2020

“Thanks so much, very proud of how much he is growing up and maturing. It’s good to know he can call on you whenever he starts to struggle.”

Parent of Child with ADHD, long term play & creative psychotherapy started in year 2, Feb 2020

“My child can’t wait to see you each week. He was so fed up with his life and you have helped him so much”. Jan 2020. “Thanks so much for keeping in touch over the lockdown, it made a difference to him.”

Parent of Child with Cystic Fibrosis, long term play & creative psychotherapy, October 2020

“He is so excited about your time together. He loves it.”

Parent of Child with Immune Deficiency, long term play psychotherapy since year 1, March 2020

“Everything you’ve ever done for her has helped and she always remembers you when she needs help that none of us can give her.”

Parent of Teenager living with Global Delay, worked with child initially in year 5 then again in year 11 and occasionally since, March 2020

“Your help and responsiveness to us and the child has been wonderful.”

Foster Carer of a child I’ve worked with for several years now, June 2020

Sibling Play Therapy

As with individual therapy but using the relationship difficulties or issues to highlight and provide solutions to make their relationship better.

Parent & Child Relationship Building

Using play techniques to help a parent and a child bond better or begin a bond that life prevented happening in earlier years.