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Creative Therapy

for secondary school age children

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Why use Creative Art Therapy?

So you’re a young person at secondary school. You feel like life is not going your way but you don’t want to talk about it? Why would you? Most people just don’t seem to understand you and you can’t find the right words anyway…

How about Creative Therapy? It’s a different way of working out why you’re not feeling good about life. We don’t talk if you don’t want to, we create… using art, sand, stones, clay, playdoh, games, puzzles, role play, in fact any creative resource that allows your mind to free itself. I can reflect and observe the difficulties you’re experiencing and help you find your own answers to your problems. I’m not going to make you do or say anything. The time we spend together will be centred around you, every time, the whole time.

I’ve worked with many young people in this way and I’m proud to be able to say that they have all changed their lives for the better. Let’s see how we can change your life too.

I have no idea how I feel better now I’ve worked with Dawn but I do. We just seemed to have fun every week but I know sometimes we thought about difficult things in my life.

GH, boy aged 14

I already knew Dawn because I worked with her at my primary school. She really helped me then. When I started to feel lost at secondary, my mum knew just who to call on to help me. My school arranged for her to come to see me there and life got better again.

PW, Girl aged 12

Life was horrible, I hated my life. My school told me I would be seeing this lady who would bring games and art and help me sort out my problems. I wasn’t impressed. Then, after a while, I found I was having a nice time with Dawn and I looked forward to every Monday when she came to see me at school. She really helped me. I feel sooooooooo much better.

AT, Girl aged 12